Have you been thinking about projector light bulbs recycling? If so, you will be pleased to know that it’s possible to recycle all projector lamps as well as reuse most of the projector parts with the right resources.

Many different types of projectors are made and used these days and it is highly likely that you are familiar with at least one. For this reason, you should know the importance of disposing items such as LCD projector lamps properly. The projectors which use costly, potentially dangerous lamps include the home theatre units, slide units, and the overhead units in schools.

When these expensive and large lamps burn out, you should not just throw them out as a way to dispose of projector lamps.

Projector Lamps Recycling

Recyclable lamps are in all projectors, which mean you are able to do recycling regardless of the type that you are using in your office, school or home. The best approach would be to reuse your casings, but most of the city recycling centers doesn’t have the equipment to handle such products. As a result, you will have to send the bulb to a company or firm that offers specialized service to recycle old projector lamps. These companies have the resources to recycle and reuse the bulbs or lamps and often they sell the replacement parts.


Why is Recycling Lamps Important?

The projector lamps are different from the regular light bulbs in that they are made up of a complex containment and housing system. Mercury can be found in most of the rear and front projection LCD / DLP lamps. This mercury is a heavy metal that is extremely toxic. It can be a hazardous waste, depending on the volume that is in the lamp. Aside from that, some other hazardous materials can be in the lamp and they can be just as harmful to our environment if disposal is not done correctly.

In addition to relamping projectors, you should handle the lamp case or cage properly because it is not biodegradable in any way. This basically means that after the cage or case is thrown away it will stay for years in a landfill before rust leads to cracks which allow mercury to seep out and poison the ground.

All projector lamps must be treated as harmful waste and disposal done through local recycling services or hazardous waste collection programs. These outlets usually take projector lamps free. Buy a BPA-Free sports mouth guard at Oral Mart Sports Mouth Guard.

Recycling is very important, even when you buy high-priced projector lamps for cash. Check your local recycling program or service when next you have to replace a lamp to ensure that disposal is done the right way. If you can’t find a center locally, you could ship the old lamp for proper disposal.